Working Out the ‘Right’ Sales and Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Starting a Small Business can be fun, exciting and liberating. It can also be quite scary, overwhelming and tricky when it comes to some key areas.

Once you have determined what you are doing and the angle you are taking, a critical challenge is the Sales and Marketing Strategies to select from. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of different options available and the key question is often ‘What are the top 3 – 5 Strategies that are going to work for me?’

Answering this question is stressful for many for a very simple reason; our business is our livelihood and we want to get this right.

Common Sales & Marketing Strategies and Ideas include Business Networking, Facebook, LinkedIn, Signage, Email Marketing, Personal Selling, Public Selling and Cold Calling. Even though this answer would strategically meet the needs of many Small Business Entrepreneurs the devil is in the detail when it comes to this.

These suggested questions and points can help one establish the ‘Right’ approach to suit them and their circumstances:

1) Competitor Research: Work out what similar players in your industry are doing. If they have been doing it for a while then chances are it may work for you.

2) Hire a Consultant / Mentor: Hire the services of a proven consultant that has achieved the results of what you seek.

3) Common Sense Logic: Put yourself mentally into that of your potential clients and customers. Would you buy your service from that channel?

4) Advice from peers: Your peers can give you some wonderful advice to make things easier for you. Just ask them and although not everything they say may be accurate, it can lead to a deeper level of thinking.

5) Trial some key strategies: Give strong small tests to some of the strategies and see how they play out. What is working? What isn’t?

6) Google Research: Like this article you are reading, some simple Google Research can help with amazing insights into this area.

7) Test and Measure: Keep an eye on what you are doing and if things are working well then understand why. It can give you more insight into strategies to attach and support what you are doing.

Most of all, take intelligent risks and get started. One can only consider theoretical possibilities for so long. Ultimately it comes to taking your best shot and letting the marketing tell what works.

Home Business Network Marketing: Your First Time

Network marketing is not always easy for everyone. There are individuals who are very natural at talking with others and find it quite easy to be in a room full of strangers and talk about what they have to offer. Then there are those who are terrified of the very idea of network marketing and needing to talk to anyone about anything.

Network marketing does not have to be a horrible experience for you and you do not have to have a panic attack at the thought of attending one. When you prepare for network marketing and do not go in with your eyes closed, you will find that it will make an enormous difference in the productivity of your business. Network marketing can be beneficial in building a plethora of resources and contacts that you can have at your fingertips to propel your business forward.

If you do not have a briefcase, it would be wise to purchase one. In your briefcase, you can keep your business cards, brochures, and informative documents about your business and other items that you can use to talk to others about what you have to offer. Keep your briefcase with you at all times, especially when you go to events to network.

Decide in advance how many people you want to talk to and do just that. If it is your first time, you may only want to talk to three people. Although once you are there, you will probably find yourself relaxing and notice that you came home with more than three contacts. Do not forget the business cards of the people you meet. In the excitement, you may forget their names. It is a good idea to jot down some relevant information on the back of the card to help you remember why or why not you like that particular contact.

One way to get to know those who come to the event is to volunteer to greet people as they come in. You are the first person they meet and then you can go up to them during the meeting with some ground under your feet and not feel so terrified.

Being a good listener is a key to being good at networking. If you spend all your time talking about yourself, and how good you are and very little time, listening to them you will be wasting your time. Remember, people like to talk about themselves and if you let them, they will and they will leave the event thinking how much they enjoyed talking to you and will remember you. This is also an excellent way to glean information about them and the business they have to offer.

Getting Sales and Marketing to Work Together in a Business

We are aware that companies by default operate through the makeup of various functions such as

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Supply chain / Logisitics
  • Human resources

and of course that of Sales and Marketing. Now, both sales and marketing play vital roles in the running of the business. Without one, you are not going to be able to run a business successfully and see the results that you were hoping to see. They both require a lot of time and effort, which is why so many businesses are investing so much into them and rightly so. To gain even more, though, it may be a smart idea to get them to work together as we often see conflict between the two functions when we delve into the day to day operations of a company.

Often the sales force blames the marketing department for not providing market intelligence that is of a high enough quality that will enable them to get the results that the business needs to grow. And on the other hand we see that the marketing department apportions blame towards the sales force for not developing the sales leads effectively as identified by the marketing plan.

When the business is working as one, instead of having everything separated, it is possible to work like an efficient, improved machine. There is a lot more to gain for future growth and there is a lot more money to be made.

Having parts of your business separated, working on their own, will not allow the business as a whole to grow. While you still may be able to make the most out of them individually, they will not be as good as you want them to be when looking at the full picture. In order for a business to grow and truly shine, each area has to work together. The business has to bring each department together to have it working like a machine, perfect and as one. Doing so is vital in order to keep everyone on the same page and understanding the path that needs to be taken.

By developing plans that bring both sales and marketing together, it is easier to gain more from the business. The plans will be on the same path and incorporate the same ideas, keeping everyone on the same page. This ensures that people are not lost because of differences in views or confused by how different the sales and marketing parts of the business are. The face of the business, the marketing, is going to give people the same feeling and idea that the sales portion does.

In summary, in order to make this happen, there has to be a solid plan between both sales and marketing and there has to be communication. The plan needs to be set up with both in mind while still being unique to their individual needs. Communication is always vital when bringing together parts of a business, making it easier for people to understand what is going on and what is going to happen. When everyone is on the same path and talking, it is possible to make this work and to gain a lot more from the business.